I still think about you often. I think I’m making you too perfect. But then I remember your subtle gestures and my love for you is still strong. I remember your eyes and why they were so powerful. Your eyes made me fall in love with you. Your eyes revealed your soul to me.

It’s been months now without your eyes. I’ve tried to find eyes to replace yours. But none are honest and endless like yours. I didn’t know you completely until it was time to separate. That is why you haunt me.

The new explanation of you has me re-thinking, re-analyzing, re-cherishing every memory, every image, every sound, every word, every glance, every motion, every expression, every stare from you. You are more a part of me than I ever realized.

I am no longer whole. You have been ripped from me. I wonder if you feel the same way. I wonder why you trusted me above everyone else. You realized you needed me. And I need you now. I am unbearably alone. I am no longer needed. I am no longer explored. I am no longer understood. I am no longer loved. Because you are no longer in my life.


Nothing 1

Nothing 3


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