I know you like my body. My waist is small enough for your hands to wrap around and touch your fingers. My thighs, hips, and ass are big enough to shake the world with your poundings. My chest just enough to be cupped by your strong, firm hands. I don’t mind showing my body to you.

I just don’t want that to be all you see. I am a mind, I am nothing without my ideas. I feel deeply, I can enrich your life and show you a side of yourself you have not gotten acquainted with. I have been in love.

A body ruins itself but a person’s soul is rejuvenating and eternal. It does not change.

I know what it means to care for another human being even more than myself. I know how hard it is to hold myself up while trying to hold up another. I know the inner growth and strength achieved when you learn to carry yourself and pull yourself away from the other. It is pain and a scar across my heart. But I am mature. I am wise. I can see past an exterior and love an interior.

I wish you were mature.


Nothing 3                                                                         Nothing 5


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