There were things I wish I could have controlled. But I also cannot imagine things going any other way. There were openings that are now closing, but it’s a good thing that I am used to that already. But I think the numbing this time will not last long, because a new beginning is fast approaching. Maybe next time there will be a lasting asset.



There was expansion and gaining of knowledge. It was an amazing time to go to college, studying the humanities, in a time of an insane presidential election. I will always remember watching the election results with my hallmates and the SNL sketches that brought us through the entire process, as well as Stephen Colbert. Perhaps someday in the future, young students will ask me for my first-hand account of the 2016 campaigns, which started when I was still in high school.



High school is still painful to think about. But now I understand what it was that paralyzed me. I also now have someone to idolize and idealize, like Petrarch did with Laura. Love is surreal and grieving is beautiful, because it reminds you that what you felt for that person was real and that they were real. Its my own treasure hidden within my heart, from a time of my lonely youth.

Thomas Cole, The Course of Empire, 1833-1836.

Humanities Core was focused on empire. History repeats itself, the pattern is there, but what about the people? How to care about the people? How to build an empire without being cruel to the people? How much is cruelty supposed to be part of our lives? What is the correct way to not be cruel to the people?


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