You give me a warm feeling inside whenever I think about you. And it’s all the time now. You always make me feel young and pretty and immature and mature and hopeful. You melt my heart. I have never felt like that with anyone.

You are a happy change. You are an amazing person.

With you, I am full of contradictions, but that’s because you are so full of contradictions. You annoy me so much, but you are a light in my life. Because you are so pure, you do not hide or pretend. You are a rough, uncut diamond. You are wild and tender. Your mannerisms are adorable because I made you rethink yourself, and you did it for me. I hate you for being so stupid, but you are so much smarter than I admit. You are brilliant and dedicated to achieving your goals, and you will succeed. You love attention but you are considerate. You love attention, but at times, I was the center of your attention. At times, I was your world. And you always let me know.

No one has ever made me smile before by just thinking about them. But you do. You are so special and soon the world will know you. And I’m just thankful for the good memories you gave me. And I’m just thankful for the good emotions you give me.


Nothing 7                                                                        Nothing 9


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