You were there, standing and waiting for me, like a groom waiting for his bride. Stupid tradition. I’ve never seen a good example of a marriage, marriage seems horrible, but I would gladly spend the rest of my life with you. We had our eyes on each other, we always did, that is why I cannot forget you. We were deeply attached, because we made it that way, unafraid to reveal to each other our vulnerabilities. We were…

It was different being together. But I don’t know how to explain it, because it felt stronger being apart. The distance kept us close, but only when we were still in sight. …meant to be…

Alone. Alone. Alone. But you made me feel not alone. You exist, and my life briefly crossed yours. And I was not alone. …despite not being…

Closer when not talking to each other. Everyone talks and we are not like everyone, therefore talking means nothing. But breathing together was the source of fulfilment and of our learning of each other. We used our senses and our minds. We are of strong mind and strong emotion, combination of head and heart. …meant for each other.

I put you to rest, but you will come back to the surface of my mind and pound inside my heart again soon. Goodnight dear soulmate.


Nothing 8: My Diamond

Perhaps / Nothing 10


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