I wish you would give me more than just defeated stares. I am not too good for you. I want you bad. I want to feel the contours of your body: your muscles, skin, fat, and body hair. I desire you just as you are. I want to make you feel good because I do not mind becoming your biggest fan.

I want you to grab me, squeeze me, pull me to you and push me away, grip any part of my body you want. I want to be yours. I need to feel you inside of me. Make me rhythmically squirm until I give out slow, deep moans. Then go harder and deeper until I scream. For long periods of time. I want your hands on my body, your lips pressing and pulling mine. I want you sucking me, anywhere you want. I need to get carnal with you.

Please don’t just stare at me, innocently longing. I am not out of reach. I do not know how to approach you either. And I get terrified at prolonged eye contact. But I wish to be with you, because I trust your eyes. Thank you for that respect, reminding me you are not the one.


Nothing 11

Nothing 13


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